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The community project is one of the program’s key initiatives because it provides an opportunity for the program to serve the community as a whole – the fellows offer their professional experience and education to consult and address and resolve social issues.




Examples of the projects undertaken are:


H.E.A.R. The Dream Foundation, Inc. was founded in April 2009 with a vision to provide support and awareness surrounding many issues facing the world today. In particular, H.E.A.R. The Dream addresses: (H) Humanitarian Support, (E) Earth Awareness, (A) Art Support, and (R) Research Support. 
Project Description:
The project involved assisting  H.E.A.R. The Dream Foundation in hosting the inaugural fundraising Golf Tournament in support of the American Diabetes Association. The fellows were required to put together a comprehensive event/business plan for this fundraising event.
Food For Life uses food to educate and train low-income young adults in Washington, DC, empowering them to become change agents in their lives and communities.
Project Description:
The project involved creating a comprehensive communication and marketing plan that leverages social media to assist Food For Life in raising awareness and communicating its message effectively. The fellows were required to conduct research as necessary to put together the plan.
The Gandhi Brigade is a youth leadership and mentoring program designed to engage and empower young people to realize their inner and collective power to become champions of the common good. This is done through the Gandhi principles of nonviolence, awareness and common effort.
Project Description:
The project involved working with youth and staff to research, plan, and implement a business model selling media products and services. In addition to creating the business plan, the fellows developed a cooperative and sustainable business model that will enable Gandhi Brigade to serve the community, employ teens and out of school youth, and earn income to support the organization's mission.

4. IMPACT Silver Spring

IMPACT Silver Spring is a non-profit organization whose mission is to create a 'new community environment' as well as a 'new capacity among residents to build and sustain a thriving, Multicultural Silver Spring; where everyone has the opportunity and power to bring about changes to live a full and quality life.’  This team participated in a project called “The Neighbors Campaign” The aim of “The Neighbors Campaign” was to create a new kind of neighborhood-based safety net and community network that weaves together local government, nonprofits, individual generosity and the inherent capacity of low-income people to help themselves and their neighbors – as they embark on a clear path of economic recovery, workforce development and civic empowerment. In order to achieve the above overall aim and goal the team was tasked with the delivering on the following objectives:

  • Ensure that emergency services are reaching those who need it most
  • Leverage other community resources to sustain long term recovery for those in crisis
  • Create new, sustainable networks of mutual support in targeted neighborhoods
  • Increase the number of people embarking or staying on a path towards secure employment and greater economic empowerment

GEMZ is an organization that focuses on mentoring and developing young girls based on faith based principles. This team was tasked with the following deliverables listed below

  • Define, Update and Establish the GEMZ Business processes and present to the CEO/Board Members through a Flow Chart.
  • Review the current forms used by the GEMZ and update or give feedback e.g. Mentor Application, Mentee Application, Parental Consent Form etc.
  • Enter all Mentee Information into NATIONAL MENTOR PRO DATABASE
  • Mail flyers and send postcards to new mentees
  • Create a Standard Brochure for the GEMZ based on information provided by the Board and the Mission Statement etc.
  • Supervise and Work with Website Designer to ensure GEMZ website is up and running.
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