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Provide Leadership Awareness and Services across JHDC Ministries 
ELP’S goal is to build a bridge with leaders across the ministries in order to support their goals and develop their leadership competences in alignment with the JHDC annual priorities.

Design, Develop and Facilitate Leadership Training Programs along the following Leadership and Spiritual Development Series:

  • Empowerment Series
    Project Management, Entrepreneurship, Excellence in Ministry, Business, and Financial Management
  • Ministry Minded Series
    Evangelism/Community Outreach, Five-Fold Ministry, Missions, and Administration
  • Personal Development Series
    Family, Relationships, Work-Life-Balance, Goal Setting, and Spiritual Development Plan
  • People Management Series
    Servant Leadership, People Cares, Diversity, Communications Skills, Mentoring and Succession
  • Creativity & Innovation Series
    Change Management and Creative Thinking
  • Information Technology Series
    Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Skills in Microsoft Productivity Tools, Microsoft Project, and Microsoft SharePoint (Collaborative Tool for Project Management)

Provide Support to JHDC Leadership Events
ELP supports the following major leadership events such as the JHDC monthly Workers’ Meetings, Mid Year and End of the Year Leadership Retreats.

Review and make Recommendations for Organization and Processes Improvements in JHDC
The objective is to continually improve and evaluate our processes and increase our leadership capacity.

Sustain and Maintain Leadership Continuity within JHDC
ELP does this through its Mentoring and Succession planning framework.

The Workforce of Jesus House DC.

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