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  • Strengthen the Voice of Change by helping these leaders identify their capacity to make a difference, and build confidence and persuasive communication skills to better express and engage others to support their vision; and encourage them to use their voice for change.
  • Build Leadership Skills by providing a range of trainings and workshops to strengthen skills such as analytical thinking, strategic planning, decision-making, fundraising, coaching and team development, and self-development.
  • Foster Collaboration and Networking by building inter-personal and collaboration skills, and through networking events and workshops encourage activities to proactively seek synergies and partner for the greater good and impact.
  • Stimulate Action by supporting these leaders to identify the social needs in the community, seek solutions collectively through project management workshops, and undertake real community projects using skills acquired through CLP.
  • Positively Influence the Community by equipping and releasing these newly empowered leaders as change agents, and also by CLP having a strong and recognized voice as a leader within cross-sectional community initiatives and forums. 

Emerging leaders - including youth leaders – in the community.
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