The year was 2005, and four young professionals united a singular vision to start the Young Professionals Mentoring Program (YMP) with oversight from a board of Trustee. Together, they aimed to educate and equip young professionals with leadership tools that would establish them in their respective spheres. Several young professionals have graduated from the program, to become leaders within the community employing all the tools provided to them to become dynamic leaders.

In 2009, the Teenage Mentoring Program (TMP) was birthed to cater exclusively to the leadership development of teenagers.

In 2010, the department underwent a growth metamorphosis, becoming the Daniel Leadership Institute (DLI). There are three flagship programs under DLI: The Mentoring Program made up of YMP and TMP, the Executive Leadership Program (ELP), and the Community Leadership Program (CLP). ELP caters to the spiritual and professional development of the Jesus House, DC workforce, while CLP offers leadership programs and development workshops for the community.

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